Always the Baker, Never the Bride

October 10, 2011

Always the Baker, Never the Bride, by Sandra Bricker is a cute, lighthearted story about an award-winning baking wizard, Emma Rae Travis. In a seemingly cruel trick of fate, she suffers from diabetes.

Jackson Drake is her new boss. He’s trying to convert Atlanta’s Tanglewood Inn into a destination spot for all things wedding, his late wife’s dying dream.

A procession of southern belle sister’s and well-meaning friends of Jackson’s pop up throughout the book lending an air of wonderful southern charm and keeps Jackson on his toes. Emma’s parents’ constant marriage woes and her eccentric Aunt Sophie are perfect counterparts to Jackson’s family.

Sandra Bricker also intersperses delightful tidbits and recipes for weddings and high tea throughout the book that are sure to delight the reader.

The story was believable. However, I had a hard time with Jackson’s on again off again feelings suddenly being settled without any real thoughts or sharing with Emma Rae. I felt the main reason they “settled” was to bring a logical conclusion to the book.

That being said I did enjoy the book and it wasn’t as formulaic as a lot of Christian romances which gave it a little more flavor.

A fun, good-natured read with wonderful recipes and tidbits included.


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