Meet the newest member of our family:
This is Coco. The shelter said she’s 3, but if she is you would never guess. She is lanky and HYPER +.  But that’s OK as she keeps us on our toes-and hands and knees- and elbows-and any other body part necessary to keep up with her.
She is very, very talkative but her voice is very low and sweet. She loves attention and if it is not forthcoming she nudges and head butts until she gets the attention she thinks she deserves.
She is extremely clean and grooms herself for hours at a time. One ear takes her almost 45 minutes until she’s satisfied it is sufficiently clean. 
Her differences are a blessing as we don’t compare her to Whiskers, we’re just relishing and enjoying Coco being Coco. 
G’daughter wasn’t really happy with her name and thought about changing it. She tossed out names like Cookieboots and a few other creative, unique names but then decided Coco it was when we got her and Coco it would stay.


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