Doctor Visit

Sorry, I’m not able to start giveaway today. Our g’daughter has to go to the Doctors (it’s a good ways out of town-a specialist).  Hopefully we’ll know something soon where she’s concerned and can get this GOING!


Mea Culpa Again!

I have to offer my heartfelt apologies. The best laid plans. . . 

Even the Bible teaches us:

James 4:13-14
13 Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money.” 14 Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

I went on a small trip to visit my youngest daughter with all intentions of being back on Saturday (Late PM or early Sun AM). It didn’t work that way!

I became extremely ill in the early hours of Friday morning. Saturday I was still sick, so Sunday I went to the ER. Found out I had three infections and one had absolutely NO symptoms, just showed up in the routine tests they ran. And with three infections raging through my body (1 that always causes fevers) I had my normal no temp, temperature of 94.6. And that’s not a typo or from having had a cold drink-my normal temp runs around 94.6 to 94.8. I only remember once that it got up to 99 and that was when I had the flu some 9 or 10 years ago.

My family left Saturday anyway (dd had to work Monday) thus leaving me to struggle with a flight out on Monday, while still very sick and extremely weak.  I met and received help from several kind and compassionate co-travelers. At one plane change we had to exit on the tarmac and I was barely able to get out of my seat. A kind older gentleman helped me from my seat and down the stairs to the tarmac, arranged for an employee to get my carry-on and then escort me to the elevator so I did not have to traverse the long tarmac and climb 4 flights of stairs. Then, my escort was kind enough to carry my luggage to the waiting area of the airport. Another kind person at the first lay-over saw me struggling and commandeered a wheel chair and wheeled me to my gate; which happened to be 1 concourse and 42 gates from where our plane disembarked (this, even though the next flight was on the same airlines).
I also met the sweetest young lady from New Orleans (HI, if you’re reading this!). We exchanged e-mails and I gave her my blog address, too. We both love baking and with the holidays coming up I’m looking forward to exchanging ideas with her.

This ended up longer than I anticipated and I’m still feeling weak. I will post the information on the giveaway tomorrow or the next day; Lord willing. I’m still awaiting one of the basket prizes.


Meet the newest member of our family:
This is Coco. The shelter said she’s 3, but if she is you would never guess. She is lanky and HYPER +.  But that’s OK as she keeps us on our toes-and hands and knees- and elbows-and any other body part necessary to keep up with her.
She is very, very talkative but her voice is very low and sweet. She loves attention and if it is not forthcoming she nudges and head butts until she gets the attention she thinks she deserves.
She is extremely clean and grooms herself for hours at a time. One ear takes her almost 45 minutes until she’s satisfied it is sufficiently clean. 
Her differences are a blessing as we don’t compare her to Whiskers, we’re just relishing and enjoying Coco being Coco. 
G’daughter wasn’t really happy with her name and thought about changing it. She tossed out names like Cookieboots and a few other creative, unique names but then decided Coco it was when we got her and Coco it would stay.