September comes along and it’s still in the ninety’s outside and I am always surprised. But somehow, for some reason when September 1st rolls around, I start thinking of leaves burning, fireplaces warming the home, cider simmering on the stove, crisp cool mornings. . . You get the picture, but of all the places I’ve lived it remains warm well into October. In fact, a lot of times there’s not really a cold snap until sometime in November. You would think after all these years I would be accustomed to it, but I’m not.


About RobbyeFaye

An avid reader, homemaker and grandmother. I try to be as real, honest and thought provoking as possible. My blog is primarily devoted to book reviews, but at times it has stretched and grown, as it ebbs and flows with me. However, I still read a lot and review the books I read. Loving life and Jesus Christ.
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