Dad’s court case was anti-climatic, for him anyway. First, after checking in and waiting quite awhile for the Assistant District Attorney (ADA), she finally showed up after court was supposed to be in session. Second, she took us to a conference room to interview Dad. Third, we found out Dad didn’t have to see the the guy and probably doesn’t even need to testify since a surveillance camera recorded the entire scene. Fourth, the state WON’T let the guy plea bargain (GOOD!). Fifth, the guy never showed. Sixth, they sent us home and told us we’d be contacted for the Grand Jury sometime, they thought, in October.

We had noticed the guy wasn’t in the court room but thought he maybe was running late. However, according to their records he was still in jail. The ADA said that meant he either wasn’t transported or their records were inaccurate and he was a no show. We still don’t know which.

Dad was fine with all of it, but I wasn’t.

Even though this court room scene was MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more organized and less chaotic than the ones I attended for my case, the memories still overwhelmed and overcame me. I lost it a couple of times and though I didn’t cry uncontrollably like I did during my cases, I did cry on several occasions. The memories are still haunting my dreams these last few days and I’ve become more hyper-aware and hypersensitive again.

All this just for the pre-trial. I’m really not sure how I’ll handle the Grand Jury when the memories of my entire case will surely be more vivid since the Grand Jury case, like mine, will last longer and be more detailed.

Dad’s cardiologist appointment was more problematic. He’s not been feeling well since he got hit (go figure!) and the Dr. is concerned. His blood pressure’s been really crazy
( and the Dr. isn’t sure what’s causing it to act up so much. The doc gave him some new pills to try for a week and if they don’t help he wants to put Dad in the hospital. The doc also thinks Dad may need new batteries in his pacemaker, too. He’ll have those tested next week at his follow up appointment.


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