Girlfriends and ER Visits Part 2

As I mentioned Dad had a visit to the ER recently. While being triaged one of the volunteers called for him to come with her to the back ER area. When she called him, she said, “Come on, honey,” and winked. She then held out her hand and made a “click, click” noise with her tongue. At this point I advised her to be careful as he may take her up on the “come on, honey,” based on his last visit.

He described to her his last visit and she told him, “Well, maybe you should be careful as I may just waltz you out the back door and take you dancing!”

Dad looked at me with a big grin and told her he wasn’t sure about the dancing since he still had to use his cane but he could definitely take her out for a steak dinner!

They continued to talk for awhile until the nurse came to escort him to a room.

We were there for several hours and when we left she was gone. Poor Dad was heartbroken! (He’s wanting to drop by the ER one day, but not as a patient, to see if he can find out more about her!!!)

I think he now looks forward to ER visits as he seems to be batting them out of the park! Needless to say, I DON”T.

Everyone at the hospital was charmed by his girlfriend #1 story and wanted to hear more about his adventure. Of course, he was very happy to oblige.

He’s been on several dates w/#1 and they’ve visited each other’s friends together. Things seem to be truckin’ along quite nicely.

I’m happy for him as he has been so lonely in the 2+ years since my Mom passed away. He’s still a little depressed about losing her. His accident seems to have made it just a little worse, so the lady gives him something to look forward to each day. They both appear to really enjoy each other’s company. Each of their dates have lasted several hours as they look at pictures, watch TV, reminisce about days gone by and a myriad of other getting to know each other type things. All of this is after several hours chatting at the restaurant, too!


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