Our Southern Breeze

Our Southern Breeze
by Daphene Jones with Andrea Taylor
ISBN 978-0-9830129-6-2
Our Southern Breeze is an amazing story of heartaches, failures, sickness, deaths and triumphs.
The first quarter (approximately) of the book deals with the early childhood of Daphene and her twin, Deborah, along with their older sister, Gretchen. The last three-quarters of the book chronicle her life and how she came to feel “her” southern breeze. Deborah’s story of hope will resonate with everyone.
Daphene and her twin, Deborah, experienced heartbreaking abuse at the hands of their father while growing up. Even though Daphene treads delicately and lightly through the abuse she and her twin suffered throughout their childhood, she still paints a harrowingly chilling and horrendous picture. Their older sister, Gretchen, was the “princess,” while the twins suffered from their father’s demons. Because of this, and secrets they couldn’t even admit to themselves, they were all three estranged as adults.
Deborah invited Daphene to a Christian conference held in 1990 that became a life changer for both sisters. While there they were approached by a person who told them they would soon encounter their summer breeze from God. The story then unfolds with God’s goodness and kindness over each twin’s life.
As you follow their inspirational journey, you sometimes forget it is a true story, as you are so drawn into Daphene and Deborah’s lives. Albeit the paths for each sister were very dissimilar, you can see God’s hand over their entire journey.
You will be uplifted, brought to tears, to your knees and left in awe of God’s mighty power.  Any reader can be stirred and moved by Daphene’s account of her and her twin’s lives.  However, some images, in the beginning, may be distressful for abuse victims.

I hadn’t read Same Kind of Different As Me, a book which chronicles parts of Deborah’s life. Because I was deeply touched on many, many levels by Our Southern Breeze, I’m looking forward to reading it, too.  Our Southern Breeze is a story that won’t soon leave your heart. Give yourself plenty of time to read and digest this book.
This book was provided for me Free by BookCrash in exchange for an unbiased opinion.

7 thoughts on “Our Southern Breeze

  1. Ann Gooding

    I agree this is a very moving book. The resulting transformation of a woman who was totally lacking in confidence and self worth, to a beautiful and successful business woman is a true testimony of Gods wonderful Healing and Grace. Any reader will be Blessed by this story.


  2. Daphene Jones

    Thank you for correcting my name to Daphene. What you wrote was so touching that I didn't even care!!! God bless you and again thanks! Daphene Jones



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