Wedding Fiasco, Win

I recently took part in a Scavenger Hunt sponsored by some of my favorite authors. The idea was to visit 23 different author blogs, and each highlighted another author and themselves. At each stop, you gathered clues to enter for the grand prize of 23 books at the end of the hunt. Along the way, you could also enter each author’s contest for freebies such as books, jewelry, etc.
Well, I won one of the contests for a free book!!! Yea, I love to read. I love writing, too but that’s a whole ‘nother story.
My winning entry got me to reminiscing about the story I entered.
Picture this: I’m 19 years old from an extremely (you have NO idea) STRICT, strict family and marrying my love who is 25.
The day of the wedding my Dad had to work and decided he would shave at the church, as he’d be picking my Mom up at home and rushing to get there. He has a very quick growing, dark beard. Unbeknownst to him, my Mom had done LOTS of visiting with her dear friends, weeping and wailing and gnashing her teeth over losing her oldest child and her chief cook and bottle washer! So, Mom picks up Dad with everything he needs to get ready at church, and off they go-ever so slowly. They ran out of gas! They barely made the church on time, and of course, Dad didn’t shave.
But it doesn’t end there.
My twin cousins, age about 5, were involved and supposed to quickly light 2 candelabras on either side of the church just prior to our walking down the aisle. As their wont at that age, they forgot a couple of candles. My Aunt, bless her heart, sitting near the back of the church stands up and starts instructing them as to which ones they had not lit. All in a VERY LOUD voice. The twins, whose lighting device by then had gone out, kept turning around and “sqinshing” up their cute little eyes and saying, “HUH? HUH?”
After several of these exchanges, someone kindly lit the candles then escorted the girls to their Mom.
But it doesn’t end there.
We continue with the ceremony, and when we kneel to say our prayers prior to the preacher giving us the vows, we hear everyone tittering. Unbeknownst to us, my 12-year-old brother had taped HELP ME! on my soon to be hubby’s shoes, which of course, everyone except us can see!
But… it doesn’t end there.
My Dad in his flustered and frustrated state forgot to raise the veil. I, thinking I was seeing stars and not veil, didn’t realize it wasn’t raised. So, when we lit our unity candle and blew out our individual candles, my veil caught on fire!!!!!! I was almost the sacrificial bride.
But, no sadly, it doesn’t end there either.
We had decided we wanted to cross over each other and present our respective new Mother’s in law with a rose to signify our accepting her, and her family, into our new family. As my now new hubby stepped behind me to give my Mom her rose, he stepped on my train. I tripped and fell face first into someone’s lap and sprawled across the entire pew.
And it doesn’t end there either.
My new hubby’s old college roommate decided to treat us with sardines and onions (which he had sneaked in) at our reception. Needless to say, the smell was less than enticing.
In addition to all of this, other major occurrences, beforehand and during, included:
1) My dress was supposed to be a muted (not matte) shiny finish.  Instead, it was matte, and when I received it, it was too late to send back or find another. This wouldn’t have been so bad except my bridesmaid dresses were supposed to be a matte finish yellow and they were a bright, SHINY yellow.
2) Our photographer never showed, called, nothing-it was like he dropped off the face of the earth (A premonition of things to come!).
3) My best friend loaned me a beautiful hat for the reception, but it was stolen between the ceremony and reception.
4) And, according to my Aunt and Uncle, the coup de grace was watching two very young, very nervous newlyweds afraid to check into the motel for their 1-night honeymoon (Hubby couldn’t get off and had to be at work the next day).
Well, there you have it-I did edit the story for my entry version!


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