Another Gingerbread Adventure!

G’daughter loves to make gingerbread houses, but the holidays are usually so hectic and STRESSFUL (caps ARE deliberate!) that we never get around to making one. A couple of years ago we made on in July!
Sooooooo, this year we beat that record.  Yesterday, we made a gingerbread village. We haven’t gotten the little village decorated yet but we got all the pieces put together (a huge chore in and of itself). And hopefully, the gingerbread village will be finished in the next day or two.
I’ll post pics when we’re through. 

But, in the interest of disclosure (LOL) here’s a post I did on the first gingerbread house.
We bought a gingerbread house kit on sale approx 18 months ago, and it was promptly and dutifully packed down for the next Christmas. After all, the expiration was 18 months away and surely we would be using it for Christmas the next year.
Well, surely we did not, LOL!
We found it while sorting through some boxes recently. Yesterday we decided to put it together. We had a lot of fun until g’daughter’s friend called and wanted to play. At that point we only had the basic structure iced together.
I must say in fairness to g’daughter, I don’t really blame her for skipping out on me. Poor thing hasn’t gotten to play outside for about a month and a half. 
Anyway, off she goes, pleading with me to finish.
I did, and learned many things along the way regarding gingerbread houses. First and foremost, don’t EVER believe the instructions. I very logically and carefully followed the directions only to find they did not work!
I was instructed to put the house together and THEN make outlines in frosting of the doors and windows. Wrong, Wrong, WRONG – because once the structure is together and roof is on, you can’t get to the area to pipe the outlines without making a mess all over you and the house.
Now, I’m not discounting that this might be the intent; most people, kids especially, really like frosting. But none of my kids. nor my g’daughter really care for it.
I however Really, REALLY like frosting!
I guess you can see where this is going. Every mess HAD to be cleaned up, right?
So, here I am, dripping icing everywhere including all over myself, no help in sight, and eating all the icicles that won’t stay on.
BTW, icicles that fall off gingerbread houses, sound a lot like icicles falling off houses in the South.
In the South you seldom have icicles and usually when you do, they aren’t completely solid to begin with, so when they fall they make sort of a light thump sound. Just like icing icicles.
Now, up North, I’ve heard icicles fall that rattled windows for miles, shook pictures off the wall and made you feel like you were in an earthquake! (OK, I know this is a sliiiiiiiiiiiiight exaggeration, but they are humongo, ginormous things that have been known to impale people and THAT is NO exaggeration!
In any case, I finished the house in time for her to come back and decide she really liked it. Except, well maybe, here and here and …. Well, you get the picture. And with that segue. . . here’s the picture of the completed (more or less) gingerbread house.
So, what do you think? Remember, too, please this is the first time I’ve been able to finish one because they were always eaten during the making before, after all, they didn’t want the frosting!

Here’s a pic of the finished product.



Going through many changes in our household!
Bill’s now only working as fill in and spending many, many hours teaching the g’daughter. (As opposed to just many hours).
Weather has been like a roller coaster lately. One day in the 30’s and nights in the teens then the next day in the 70’s and nights in the 50’s. Not complaining-just saying! Overall we’ve had a very mild winter this year.

Internet Is Back!

The problem with the internet appears to have been a multifaceted problem.
The original problem was because of storms and tornadoes touching down in surrounding areas. That problem morphed into other weather problems, i.e. rain, solar flares, etc. Then, due to all the other problems, the internet speed dropped to less than 1/4 of it’s usual output.
So now, all has been corrected and will hopefully stay that way.
One quick note-usually I don’t give movie endorsement(especially a non-Christian one) however, we saw a movie a couple of days ago that has a terrible name considering how good the movie was. So, if you get a chance and haven’t already seen We Bought A Zoo, go see it, it will be worth the time.