A Belated Merry Christmas

Our oldest, Sean, showed up as a surprise for Christmas! He got in around 3AM and we all set up talking til almost 7AM, then collapsed in bed asleep until close to noon. 

Then things got really hectic between everyone being hungry, wanting to open presents, etc., etc. But it was a great kind of hectic.
He was able to stay until late Monday evening, so we all had a nice visit(except Bill who had to work).
Then as part of his work, Bill had to drive to Mississippi today to pick up a resident. I went with him as he tends to get really sleepy if he drives for long periods of time with no one to talk to or anything.
We left at a little before 8 this morning and got back after 5. Bill back to work and me home to fix the little one something to eat and to clean up some more of the Christmas dishes, and other miscellany. 

A Cold

OK, so I have a cold that just keeps on lingering.
Got it as a present from one of my young’uns and according to them I can’t return it. A real no deposit, no return kind of thing. Ugh!

Awesome sight

I saw the most awesome (though a little gruesome) sight yesterday.
It happened so quickly and so closely it took a few moments for it to even sink in what I saw.
I was sitting in the car waiting for Bill while he ran inside to get something and all of a sudden I heard a high pitched squeal and looked to see what it was. At almost the same moment I heard a loud screech.
A hawk caught a squirrel! It skimmed right over the top of the car and into the air over the house!
That is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like that myself. I know you see things like that on TV sometimes, but I’d never seen it myself.
God’s abundance even for the creatures of the air.