The turkey got away! A belated Thanksgiving to everyone.
I’ll post Part Two next week.
We didn’t have family here like usual this year so we took 2-3 days and went to the Gulf for Thanksgiving.
While there we went on a dolphin cruise. We saw lots of dolphins and pelicans. I hope the pictures aren’t too small.
We even saw a baby dolphin and it’s Mama!


Things Going On Part 1

Well, I thought I’d bore everyone (though I sincerely hope I don’t), by telling about what’s been going on in my life lately.
Part One is about my friend and her trials, Part Two is about mine.
I have a friend who has had a really, really hard time lately but she continues to call on and trust in the Lord.
She’s had 3 (three) brain surgeries in recent years.
In the turmoil of one of her surgeries, her husband walked out on her and found a mistress. They then started harassing her in the hopes of driving her to suicide apparently, based on what their e-mails and texts said.
So, she recovered and then moved. When we were unpacking her things we found a box full of his stuff that somehow got mixed in with hers. In that box she found he had been living a double life for most of their 15 (fifteen) years of marriage. It was full of receipts for hotel rooms, restaurants and another checking account with a PO (post office) address.
She’s had 4 (four) major thefts and break -ins to her home resulting in thousands of dollars in loss; she had a major accident when moving resulting in many thousands of dollars in damage to home furnishings, she’s been in and out of the hospital numerous times and has been very ill.
She had been separated and divorced for approximately 1 (one) year when she met a great guy on line. They prayed together on the phone constantly from their very 1st phone conversation and really hit it off.
Well, she flew out to meet him last week and ended up during a lay over being rushed to the hospital.
She missed her flight out, of course, but was able to catch one the next day.
When she got there he had fixed up the room where she would be staying with candle light and roses!
She met his family and they and she really like each other a lot.
So, guess what! They got married Friday!! I know, can you believe it?
I was her virtual maid of honor, LOL.
I’m now waiting to hear from her on when and where she’ll be living, here or there. I wish she could live here, but have a feeling she’ll be moving to Utah.
Stayed tuned for Part Two. (Though I can assure you it’s not anywhere as interesting! And in telling my friends’ story there’s way too many things to include but let me assure you, it’s been a real roller coaster ride for both of us, her more than me, obviously.)