Sorry, I’ve not posted in a while. I’ve been trying to kick a really bad sinus infection.
I also had another EGD and had polyps removed and stomach tissue biopsied on Wednesday-so still kind of recovering from that, too. No results yet.


Major Pain

I found out yesterday I have a “serious” sinus infection and upper respiratory infection.
Symptoms until Tuesday night; zero, none, nothing. No cough, drainage, or anything.
Tuesday night; exploding headache. Even worse than when I got my head bashed in the assault, and I didn’t think anything could be worse than that, believe me.
So, off to Doc on Wednesday. Four shots and three prescriptions later I feel just a nagging, throbbing ache in my head and nose. The one in my nose came from a nasal swab, checking for the flu, hitting the swollen sinus, I jumped out of my chair from that one!

Identity Theft Strikes at Me

Found out around 8 this morning that I’m the victim of identity theft. The credit card was in my purse. Have been to police department and on phone cancelling cards, contacting the credit bureau fraud department and putting freeze on my accounts. Unfortunately, these creeps get away with this coz there is very, very little you can do until they strike again.
The police can’t do anything until I get the affidavit from the credit card company and that takes approximately 21 days, plus it has to be notarized with a raised seal, something I just found out and will probably add even more time. Then because it’s out of sate, I may not be able to do anything other than file the report.