I’m now doing reviews of  books I read, which are primarily fiction and Christian. Having said that, my first book review is non-fiction titled Heaven is for Real, a true story of a four year old’s visit to heaven. Stay tuned for contests, giveaways and promotions!



I’m really disappointed.
I was chosen to be a blogger for the Women of Faith Tour (see post dated August 15, 2011), but I haven’t received the tickets and the location I chose had their event over the weekend.
I’ve sent e-mails to the place that contacted me and haven’t received any information.
Now, I realize they’re probably very, very busy but I don’t think it would take very long to reply to at least one of my two truly polite inquiries as to what happened.
Anyway, I’m disappointed as is the friend I invited to go with me.
Can’t figure out what happened or why.

Hectic times

The last month has been a very busy hectic time.
The g’daughter has had to have many, many tests for a myriad of problems.  Then Saturday Dad went in the hospital.
We’ve gotten conflicting reports as to what’s going on; one said he was going to need open heart surgery again (his last was in ’98) and another one said nothing was wrong. Same heart, same person-go figure.
We can’t see his Dr. before Monday so hopefully that visit will answer our questions.
He had a heart cath while he was in the hospital and we don’t know the results yet.
He’s home now trying to rest and refusing to let me help much, grrr.