I’m Home!


After a looooong hiatus, during which time included a move, two quick weekend trips and a visit to my youngest daughter to care for her “elephants” (really large dogs), I’m back.
I’ll be posting pics (if I can get them from my youngest. She’s threatening to make me sign a non-disclosure statement since she doesn’t want her pics posted, arrrgh) and info about the trips along with other miscellany in the next few days as I valiantly try to get back into the swing of things here at home.
One of the first things on the list after unpacking and doing laundry is renewing my license.  In Alabama it doesn’t expire on your birthday, it expires on some random date so as to keep you on your toes and almost assuredly cause you to forget to renew (which in turn can generate cash for the state!). This “diabolical” plan was thwarted however, for which I am thankful, when the TSA prior to my flight checked my ID and commented it had almost expired. Chalk 1 up for TSA. I guess they deserve it, goodness knows there’s more than enough to chalk up against them,
So. . . until tomorrow, I’m signing off.
God bless everyone and have a fantastic day!


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