Memorial Day


Hair cut!

Here she is:
Miss Purple Hair!

There’s really only 3 purple stripes but the angle and sun makes it look like there are more.
15 plus inches went to Locks of Love.
That’s my kid!

Plastic Vs. Glass

First, I have to say, it was strange signing into my blog and seeing my Mother’s pic! I forgot we posted pics in memory of our Moms on Facebook. Wow, did it bring the tears.
I discovered a strange phenomenon, or maybe it’s just me over analyzing things again. But, I’ve noticed that when I’m not feeling well (all too frequently anymore) and I’m fixing a meal I tend to grab the plastic type dinnerware (not disposable kind) instead of the china/ceramic and when I’m feeling better I grab the china/ceramic.
BTW, for anyone (anybody??) wondering it wasn’t that easy. A couple of days later it was back to the same old same old. So much for the honeymoon! She’s wanting to add pink streaks to her hair now. Thinking it might be worth it if for no other reason than a second honeymoon, LOL.

Real Stories Generously Sprinkled with Chocolate!

The Chocolate Diaries by Karen Scalf Linamen is a book for all women who have been on this journey called life.

Karen does a wonderful job in The Chocolate Diaries of injecting her own life’s battles; such as bouts of depression along with life’s joys.

She believes in using lists to guide her and keep her on track. After one disheartening experience with her lists, she decided to always start her list with: Eat chocolate, thereby ensuring at least one thing on her list would be done every day.

At times lighthearted and at other times reflective, the book features real women with real stories and ways each coped with their situations.

Karen draws her analogies from extensive interviews with friends and family and peppers the stories throughout the book.

Each chapter has, in addition to the story, Sweet Secrets which poses the question to different women “What’s your secret to a sweeter journey on the rocky road of life?” and gives their answer, Food for Thought which asks the reader questions based on the chapter and finally at the end of the chapter is Because Real Women Don’t Need a Cookbook which highlights reader submitted recipes.

I think this book would be great for a study group ending each session with the Food for Thought questions and then making the recipes.

Real people with real stories generously sprinkled with chocolate. Nothing is much better than that!I received this book in exchange for my review at Blogging for Books.

Late Night Reflections

The juxtaposition of feelings.

The past couple of weeks have been an extremely emotional time for me.

The theft and vandalism of our home, the tornadoes here in Alabama and now Osama being caught.

I’m beginning to slowly get over the house, I’ll never, ever get over the tornadoes and cry continually whenever I see the devastation – such horror is mind numbing and unfathomable, especially for those of us living in Alabama – and now news of Osama’s death.

I have such mixed emotions regarding his death. I firmly believe in the death penalty, so in that sense; the news is great. Coming on the heels of the tornadoes and horrifying numbers of death, I almost wish he’d been captured and tried, then perhaps gotten the death penalty. However, nothing I can imagine would begin to pass the right kind of punishment or consequence onto Osama’s head.

Then, my cynical side kicks in and asks, “Could this be as some say? It happened earlier but was held until a more strategic time. Could it be propaganda?” I truly don’t want to believe that it is anything other than what it is.

Perhaps, it’s just because it’s late, I’m sleepy and I can’t think straight.

Whatever it is, I am glad Osama is no longer a threat himself, though I fear for other threats this may open up.

Plus I’m thrilled that the military may now be recognized for the heroes they truly, truly are and possibly, the Lord willing, they will be treated as such also.