Can It Really Be THIS Easy?

Our household’s been struggling lately with the typical teenage angst from the typical teenager that loudly INSISTS she is NOT a typical teenager. Along with this has also come the typical tantrums, disrespect, loud mouth, sarcastic, back talking, eye-rolling. . . Well, you get the picture. And this one has her eye-rolling down so well, that it takes me a few seconds to realize it’s not Melissa (with apologies to Melissa, but seriously kid I never thought I’d see anyone as good at or better than you!). Praise the Lord, I don’t have to contend with bubble gum popping and smacking, too.

So, amongst all this she decides she wants her beautiful long hair cut and streaked. OK, I hate to see it cut, but it is her hair and she does want to donate it to Locks of Love, so I don’t really mind too much  : ^(

But the streaks, I had to think about for a minute or so. Then I decided there were worse things she could want or even do than have rainbow streaks in her hair.

Off to the hairdressers we go.

15 inches off and bright purple highlights later we head home.

I think I must have brought the wrong child home!

The tantrums, etc. have virtually disappeared and in there place is a young lady that doesn’t have to be reminded to watch her tongue, say please and/or thank you, that sympathizes with me over my arthritis instead of fussing and lecturing me about what can help it, and knows how to smile. Faint-you can pick me up off the floor anytime now.

Can it really be this easy? We went Thursday and the new kid is still here.

She’s wanting pink highlights now, too. Hmm, maybe this time I’ll bring home one that’s pleasant AND does her chores!


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