A Journey I Enjoyed

From the very first sentence in The Miracle of Mercy Land, the author River Jordan takes you by the hand and pulls you into a fantastical journey full of darkness, sunshine and life.
I was surprised to find Mercy Land is the lead characters name and not a place; however that only adds to the power of her story.
This book will affect each person that reads it differently for the same reasons the character’s lives are affected differently; we all have our own weaknesses, demons, desires and individual stories.
This book is full of mysticism and fantasy, not my usual reading fare. Nevertheless, the last two books I’ve reviewed have been of this genre, and in spite of this, I’ve enjoyed both books. Perhaps the Lord is telling me to enjoy more whimsy in my life?
Mercy is a young woman who left her home in Bittersweet Creek, Alabama for Bay City, Alabama in order live her life as she wanted and not as conventional wisdom dictated.
Along the way, she becomes the indispensable right-hand woman for Doc Philips, the editor, and publisher of the local paper.
One early morning Mercy receives a strange call at her boarding house from Doc Philips. Thus begins a journey into a world of suspended belief and fantasy.
Doc possesses the biggest news story of her life, but she can’t print a word of what she knows and comes to know as a result of Doc’s mysterious call.
The Miracle of Mercy Land will leave you asking yourself a lot of questions about your own life and choices made.
I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for a  blogger book review.
I am not required to write a positive review. 

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