Oh! My! Wow, today is my 57th birthday.
That’s all folks.
At least for today!


A Time of Renewal

I know I’ve been remiss again in writing.
A lot keeps happening! I have had surgery for an esophagal condition and will continue to every 90 days until I have a negative biopsy.
Another great-Aunt (and the last of the 11 children) passed away. It hit me while talking with family members that I personally knew someone from her family (her Mom-my great-grandma) who had been born in the 1800’s. Her oldest sister was born in 1900, my great-Aunt Velma, and she lived to just a few days before her 103 birthday. So their family, that I knew, spanned a period of 300 years. Pretty awesome and scary to think about.
I keep thinking of the song “Time In A Bottle” by Jim Croce. I know it’s about a guy and his girlfriend, but phrases that resonate with me are how you can’t stop time and there never seems to be time to do things and too; finding the things you want to do.
Anyway with some of that in mind I decided to get back onto my blog and quit hibernating.
Plus, it’s beginning to feel like spring with some wonderfully warm days and delightfully long stretches of daylight, thanks to daylight saving time.
I love long sunlit days. Winter and darkness seem to depress me and put me into hibernation mode. It really isn’t a good thing going into my turtle and/or bear modes since I’m not either one and I constantly have to fight to face the day and day to day activities during winter. My old body just wants to shut down.
I keep pushing myself and also reminding God that I know I’m like Elijah with regards to depression and I mightily need His help. I’m prone to being overwhelmed easily during this season; and for Him to please help me through the darkness and voids I feel. About the time I really, really want to give up, the sun comes out, the dark winter clouds dissipate and I feel a renewal of spirit and calmness in my soul and spring has sprung.
To me it seems especially fitting that Easter is in the spring, when life begins to renew itself and Christ was risen from the grave.