I haven’t written in a while.
We had snow on Christmas day and then last Saturday night it started snowing and snowing and snowing. We also got sleet! Totals were approximately 3.5 inches of snow and 3/10ths inches ice. If you know anything about the south you know we were very much snow-ice bound for many days.
There was no school until Friday, businesses including the mall were closed the first day or so and things were frozen. (Pun very much intended).
Things are beginning to thaw out and get back to normal. We still have some areas of black ice to be careful of and snow and ice on the ground but most of it has melted. If we get the warmer weather predicted for the next few days (before another Arctic blast) then it should all be melted soon.
A lot of excitement for everyone and days off (or not depending on the job) for some.
We weren’t able to make snowmen because of the layer of ice. The ice also made it almost impossible to sled except on flatter surfaces like driveways, sidewalks and streets. Mostly, it was just too bitterly cold for anyone to do much of anything but stay inside.
We here in the south are not accustomed to single digit weather and negative wind chills. Call us wimps if you want, but I know transplants from the north that don’t tolerate it well either.
Here’s hoping we make it through the rest of the winter with little or no snow again (I AM becoming a scrooge in my old age!) and my prayers and thoughts to all those living in the north!


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