Basketball Game

I went to homecoming basketball games at the little one’s school last night. I was appalled by the visiting team’s behavior. Both schools are Christian schools and as such I assume both have certain rules of deportment; at least I know our school does. We also have consequences for poor sportsmanship whether exhibited by the kids or adults. However, if the other school has behavior rules you would never guess it.
The 1st game was the girls game and was brutal. The other team left no one on our team uninjured. There were constant elbows to our girls’ mouths and stomping on them when they fell. At one point the game was stopped for about 15 minutes due to a girl on the other team trying to start a fight with one of our girls. Unbelievable.
Then when the boys played the parents en masse would stand and scream, yell, berate and even a few cursed at the refs when they made a call against their side. They would holler at and harass our boys and be extremely obnoxious. I’ve never seen anything like it even in secular school games.
The girls on our side lost and the boys on our side won. And I hope to never witness anything like that again.
I pray the girls on both sides have someone to talk to and counsel them. On our side to help them accept and shake off the frustration of being bloodied, bruised and sprained and for the other side to advise against the unsportsmanlike behavior. I’m afraid it’s not going to happen for either side. What a shame and how sad for the girls.
The Lord tells us to turn the other cheek and to forgive 70 x 7; I saw this in action with our girls last night and am proud of them for rising above the temptation to give what they got. The girls are showing how well they are being trained both at home and at school and how well they believe and practice what they hear and learn. I am thankful to have seen it in action and sad that it had to be demonstrated under such conditions.
Girls, coaches, faculty, families and students – A big SHOUT OUT for a job well done; even though we lost, we can hold our heads high!


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