So no snow

We had snow on Christmas day and the day after, right?
Well, guess what? Today it was 72 degrees!
Gotta love the South!
Happy New Year’s to everyone!



I got the greatest thrill when I visited my blog today. A nice comment from Donita Paul in reference to my review. What a pleasant, kind surprise.
I’ve received comments from friends on my Facebook page, too.
I love to read (and write) so blogging about books was a very a natural extension of both.
The note from Miss Donita has helped tremendously in my trepidation at both.
Thank you, again Miss Donita!
Happy New Years to all!

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball

Book Review:
Being unfamiliar with the name Donita K. Paul, I did a quick internet check which showed she had published other books under the pen name Kathleen Paul, several of which I had read.

So when I received my book, Two Tickets to a Christmas Ball, a few days ago, with great excitement  I curled up in my chair in front of the fireplace and began to read.
The story starts with Cora Crowder, a young Christian lady from a dysfunctional, non-Christian family who feels Christmas is too commercialized but also feels the obligation to get family presents.
Cora finds a charming bookstore in an old part of town almost no one remembers or goes to anymore and upon recommendation from the owner, buys a book for her uncle.
Her first encounter with the owner and the son of Warner, Werner and Wizbotterdad’s bookstore, leaves her feeling slightly off kilter as if something is a bit askew but there is no real no explanation for the feeling.
The story introduces Simon Derrick, Cora’s fellow employee, at the bookstore, where she quickly recognizes him having worked with him for five years. He’s practically clueless as to who she is when she says hello and repeatedly throughout the book calls her by the wrong name.
As the story progresses from her chance meeting of her boss’ boss, the book she buys with a ticket to the Christmas Ball tucked inside, on through to the end of the story there is a fanciful mix of fantasy, magic and reality. All is tied up loosely with a beautiful bow at the Christmas Ball.
Danita K. Paul does a good job of mixing the worlds of magic and Christianity along with a tolerable explanation of things normally not considered acceptable in the Christian world, such as fairies, wizards and magic.
The character development seems to suffer from the story being so short-there are many things begging to be more fully developed and people you would love to get to know better.
Technically a novella, Two Tickets to a Christmas Ball provides a quick, light read on a pre-Christmas night.

This book was provided to me free in exchange for a blog review.

Christmas Snow

We had SNOW on Christmas day and the day after! In all recorded history in our little town, there has never been snowfall on Christmas day and very, very few times has there been snow leftover for Christmas day. What a wondrous Christmas present from God. Thank you, Lord.

Wacky Weather

We’ve had the strangest weather lately. Yesterday and today were in the high 50’s and 60’s but starting tomorrow we hit the frigid cold again. And. . . can you believe it? They’re predicting snow for Christmas!
All I can say is, “I’ll believe it when I see it!” But I sure hope I see it!
Through all the hustle and bustle let’s not forget to take time to remember that Jesus IS the reason for the season
And I’ll keep you posted on the snow!


We’ve had snow here 4 times in the last week. Nothing stuck, but boy was it cold. The highs barely got into the 30s and the lows were in the teens and 20s.
It’s supposed to start warming back up but wouldn’t snow on Christmas or Christmas Eve be nice.
Haven’t done any decorating yet. I usually start right after Thanksgiving but just can’t seem to get in the mood.
Have been doing a lot of repairs on the house and have also had contractors doing the heavy stuff. Long, long process as can only do it as there is money and we, like the rest of America, are in short, short supply of that this year. But when you open a window and it falls out of its frame, your soffit and fascia collapses on the ground and you wake up to squirrels in your bedroom; you have to figure out something.


We got our first taste of snow today! Just little minuscule flakes that you were barely able to see against the steel gray sky, but still . . . snow!
I’ve often wondered what there is about snow that is so exciting, especially in light of the fact that the cold isn’t as exciting!
I think several things make snow so awesome. We very seldom get snow, or at least much snow, in the south, so part of it is the novelty. For me, though, a large part of the excitement is wonder and awe. I’m in awe of how clean and pristine everything looks under a blanket of snow and wonder at how quiet and muffled everything sounds.
The background noise of cars seems to fade, dogs barking seems to be coming from way off somewhere in a tunnel; all the noises muted and yet you can still hear the whisper of the snow as it slides gently off the trees branches and lands on the ground.
I can’t help but remember the words to a hymn we sang when I was younger. The words described how Christ’s blood would wash us whiter than snow. I like to remember that song whenever I see snow and reflect on God’s love for me and all humankind.
Now, I’m off to watch the tiny little flakes floating lazily through the sky while I pray for a white wonderland and then drink a cup of hot chocolate.

Basketball Game

I went to homecoming basketball games at the little one’s school last night. I was appalled by the visiting team’s behavior. Both schools are Christian schools and as such I assume both have certain rules of deportment; at least I know our school does. We also have consequences for poor sportsmanship whether exhibited by the kids or adults. However, if the other school has behavior rules you would never guess it.
The 1st game was the girls game and was brutal. The other team left no one on our team uninjured. There were constant elbows to our girls’ mouths and stomping on them when they fell. At one point the game was stopped for about 15 minutes due to a girl on the other team trying to start a fight with one of our girls. Unbelievable.
Then when the boys played the parents en masse would stand and scream, yell, berate and even a few cursed at the refs when they made a call against their side. They would holler at and harass our boys and be extremely obnoxious. I’ve never seen anything like it even in secular school games.
The girls on our side lost and the boys on our side won. And I hope to never witness anything like that again.
I pray the girls on both sides have someone to talk to and counsel them. On our side to help them accept and shake off the frustration of being bloodied, bruised and sprained and for the other side to advise against the unsportsmanlike behavior. I’m afraid it’s not going to happen for either side. What a shame and how sad for the girls.
The Lord tells us to turn the other cheek and to forgive 70 x 7; I saw this in action with our girls last night and am proud of them for rising above the temptation to give what they got. The girls are showing how well they are being trained both at home and at school and how well they believe and practice what they hear and learn. I am thankful to have seen it in action and sad that it had to be demonstrated under such conditions.
Girls, coaches, faculty, families and students – A big SHOUT OUT for a job well done; even though we lost, we can hold our heads high!

Long Time, No Write

It’s been awhile since I’ve written. A lot has been going on! Some really sad, like losing my great Aunt and others really glad, like meeting my son’s girlfriend!
We’re in the process of renovating the house too, so things have been chaotic.
Boy, I thought weather was warm in October-December has more than made up for it. We’re experiencing one of our coldest winters with days barely in the 30’s and nights in the teens. This area is usually in 50’s during the day and 30’s at night with quite a few 60’s and an occasional 70 thrown in for good measure. And all this is going on while almost half of the back of the living room is missing and windows removed and not reinstalled in some bedrooms. IT IS COLD!
But it sure helps put you in the Christmas spirit though not in one to decorate; more in the mood for hot chocolate with peppermint, warm fires and snuggles under the cover while reading a book. Come to think of it those are my favorite winter time activities!