OK, cool off, "nesting" and holidays

Hallelujah, the g-daughter’s OK. Most everything except the rapid heartbeat is normal and according to the DR., that problem isn’t more than a nuisance right now. It could get worse as she gets older, but we’ll cross that bridge if we ever come to it.

Well, two days of rain finally accomplished the much needed cooler weather! It’s not really cool enough for it yet but I was really tempted to make chili tonight! I did bake a banana cake. This time of year just gets me into the “nesting” mode.

I’m now projecting out to the holidays and all the baking, cooking and other things that will need to be accomplished. Can you believe, less than 90 days to Christmas?!


Fall Anyone?

It’s still in the nineties here! We went to the mountains early evening one day last week to picnic, and it was STILL too hot to really enjoy the evening. Fortunately, we live only a short trip away, so it wasn’t like we’d spent hours to get there and hours to get home. . . still. I’m not really looking forward to cold, cold weather, just cooler. What will probably happen is we’ll go from blazing hot to freezing cold in one day.


Taking the g’daughter in for some tests as she has something wrong with her heart apparently. She had a heart echo done that shows regurgitation in three valves and thickening in one wall. There is room for error since an adult cardiologist read the results, so we’re taking her to a pediatric cardiologist.


Looking forward to fall, harvest festivals and cool weather; how about you?

September, Summer?

I always think of crisp autumn mornings, roaring fires in the fireplace and apple cider; to name just a few things, when September rolls around.

It is never that way, though. All my life I’ve lived where September temps were still in the high 80’s to low 90’s and the “autumness” didn’t begin until mid to late October.

So. . . why on the 1st of September do I sense leaves burning, fireplace smoke, put on a sweater – only to take it off because it’s too hot – and a myriad of other sensations associated with the fall season. Does our body have an internal calendar telling us that regardless of what the weather outside is, the truth is that autumn is here?

Just random thoughts rambling around in my brain today.